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Administrative Review Council

Australian Government Attorney General's Department - Administrative Review Council

Welcome to the Administrative Review Council

The role of the Administrative Review Council ‘is to ensure that our system of administrative review is as effective and significant in its protection of the citizen as it can be’.

RJ Ellicott QC
15 December 1976 at the first meeting of the Council

The Council is ‘an effective body, providing useful and timely advice on administrative review matters’.

Senate Legal and Constitutional Legislation Committee Report on the Role and Functions of the Administrative Review Council, June 1997.


Judicial Review in Australia

On 24 September 2012, the Administrative Review Council launched its 50th report, Federal Judicial Review in Australia.

Judicial review provides an important avenue of appeal for those affected by government decision making. It is a central feature of Australia's administrative law system. The Council's report examines Australia's judicial review system in detail and makes a number of recommendations aimed at improving the accessibility and efficiency of federal judicial review.

The Council conducted this inquiry of its own motion in accordance with its statutory functions under section 51 of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975.

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