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Administrative Review Council Reports


Administrative Review Council Reports

Australian Government Attorney General's Department - Administrative Review Council

Administrative Review Council reports

Report No.50
The report examines Australia’s judicial review system in detail and makes a number of recommendations aimed at improving the accessibility and efficiency of federal judicial review.

Report No.49
The report focuses on accountability and transparency in the development and application of business rules, and covers regulation by government agencies, self regulation by industry bodies and other non-government entities.

Report No. 48
The report highlights the importance of coercive information-gathering powers as administrative and regulatory tools for government. The report identifies 20 best practice principles directly relevant to all government agencies in their use of these powers.

Report No. 47
The report addresses Constitutional and policy considerations relevant to the scope of judicial review. The report concludes with a framework of indicative principles in relation to the scope of judicial review.

Report No.46
Automated Assistance in Administrative Decision Making. The report contains best practice principles for the development and operation of expert computer systems used to make or assist in the making of administrative decisions, 2004

Report No.45
Report on the Council of Australasian Tribunals. The Council of Australasian Tribunals (the "COAT") was established in Melbourne on 6 June 2002 at a meeting of Commonwealth, State, Territory and New Zealand tribunal presiding officers, 2002

Report No.44
This Report uses survey data from five Commonwealth agencies to examine issues in relation to the internal review of agency decisions, 2000

Report No.43
Administrative Review of Patents Decisions, 1998

Report No.42
The Contracting Out of Government Services, 1998

Report No.41
Appeals from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to the Federal Court, 1997

Report No.40
Open Government: a review of the federal Freedom of Information Act 1982, 1995

Report No.39
Better Decisions: review of Commonwealth Merits Review Tribunals, 1995

Report No.38
Government Business Enterprises and Commonwealth Administrative Law, 1995

Report No.37
Administrative Review and Funding Decisions (A Case Study of Community Services Programs), 1994

Report No.36
Environmental Decisions and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, 1994

Report No.35
Rule Making by Commonwealth Agencies, 1992

Report No.34
Access to Administrative Review by Members of Australia's Ethnic Communities, 1991

Report No.33
Review of the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act: Statements of Reasons for Decisions, 1991

Report No.32
Review of the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act: the Ambit of the Act, 1989

Report No.31
Review of Decisions under Industry Research and Development Legislation, 1988

Report No.30
Access to Administrative Review: Provision of Legal and Financial Assistance in Administrative Law Matters, 1988

Report No.29
Constitution of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, 1987

Report No.28
Review of Customs and Excise Decisions: Stage Three Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duty Decisions, 1987

Report No.27
Access to Administrative Review: Stage One Notification of Decisions and Rights of Review, 1986

Report No.26
Review of Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977: Stage 1, 1986

Report No.25
Review of Migration Decisions, 1985

Report No.24
Review of Customs and Excise Decisions: Stage 4: Censorship, 1985

Report No.23
Review of Customs and Excise Decisions: Stage Two, 1985

Report No.22
The Relationship Between the Ombudsman and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, 1985

Report No.21
The Structure and Form of Social Security Appeals, 1984

Report No.20
Review of Pension Decisions under Repatriation Legislation, 1983

Report No.19
Rights of Review under the Migration Act 1958 and Related Legislation: Interim Report on the Constitution of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, 1983

Report No.18
Compensation (Commonwealth Government Employees) Act 1971 - Amendments, 1983

Report No.17
Review of Taxation Decisions by Boards of Review, 1983

Report No.16
Decisions under the Broadcasting and Television Act 1942, 1982

Report No.15
Australian Federal Police Act 1979: Sections 38 & 39, 1982

Report No.14
Land Use in the ACT, 1981

Report No.13
Commonwealth Employees' Compensation Tribunal, 1981

Report No.12
Australian Broadcasting Tribunal Procedures, 1981

Report No.11
Student Assistance Review Tribunals, 1981

Report No.10
Shipping Registration Bill, 1980

Report No.9
Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Amendment Bill 1980, 1980

Report No.8
Social Security Appeals, 1980

Report No.7
Citizenship Review and Appeals System, 1980

Report No.6
Entry to Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island, 1979

Report No.5
Defence Force Ombudsman, 1979

Report No.4
Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975 - Amendments, 1979

Report No.3
Review of Import Control and Customs By-Law Decisions, 1979

Report No.2
Repatriation Appeals, 1979

Report No.1
Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977 - Exclusions under Section 19, 1978